Les nines que ens regalen quan som petites, ens determinen un ideal de bellesa?


I have related this picture to my question because in this dolls we can see clearly a prototype of beauy. Aesthetics is the branch of philosophy that studies the beauty and it look for answers to questions like: What makes something beauty? or, there are any objective standards of beauty?  After having been thinking about that i have arrived to the conclution that since we are really little, as we don’t have a critic vision or point of view about things, by this kind of dolls society tries to make us believe that beauty is always among that type  of girls and influence in our perception of beauty reaching the point that if we are not blond or we have not a very good body, we can’t find ourselves beautiful.

Claudia Alias, 1A

Naixem destinats o som autors del nostre propi destí?

EXPLANATION:  the relation between the photo and my question is that is all our life's way written and we just walk thought it or we start writing our way from the very fist second of life?   Maybe, everything that happens to us is planned to happen and we can´t change anything about our future, we just wait things happen.  On the other hand, we are the responsibles of our acts and decitions and that makes us authors of our destiny. That means anything is planned, we and we built our future on the way.
Marta Rodríguez, 1A
Como ves el vaso?

The main branch is the ethics.
The reason because y put this photo is that if you see de glass half empty you are a pessimistic person but if you see it half full you are an optimistic guy. This tells us how is the way of thinking of the person that is seeing the photo.

Emilio Gómez 1BAT E

Maria Guix 1 BAT E

A on anem?

Picture 2: The second is a photo that I made in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico, it is a jungle road where you can not see the end clearly, I have related this to our lives. Our life is like a road that advances until it reaches an end point. no one has ever known that there is after that point, after death. Is another of the great questions that mankind has always done and that at the moment has no answer

Maria Guix 1 BAT E

Nacho Nerín 1 BAT E

Crees que esta flor es bella?

Branch of philosophy: Aesthetics
Explicación: Básandote en los estereotipos de belleza clásicos es posible que pienses que si, pero, quien ha establecido esos criterios? Una flor no tiene porque ser más bella que un cactus, por ejemplo, quizás simplemente son diferentes tipos de belleza. Este mismo pensamiento puede aplicarse a la belleza humana y a los estereotipos sociales. Actualmente hay una excesiva preocupación por seguir determinados modelos de belleza instaurados en la sociedad.

Nacho Nerín 1 BAT E

És la realitat un reflexe de la ficció?

Branca Aquesta imatge pertany a la branca de "metaphysics" o "ontology", és a dir, que pertany a la branca de l'estudi de la realitat.
Explanation My picture shows a bunch of flowers physically and also shows them reflected in the mirror. What I claim with my question is that if what we see is something that already exists or if it is just an illusion. Furthermore, is everything what we see real? Or is it just a reflexion of what other people see? We tend to see life how others want us to see it, so I also want to claim my concern about perception. We all should have our own idea about the world we live in, however, this is not always that easy. We must have our own idea about life, and not see it as a reflection of someone else. All in all, the picture is a way of criticism to how we perceive things, which I may add that we should see it with our own eyes.
Laura Subira, 1D

Què seriem sense el nostre passat?

Branca: antropologia filosòfica

Explanation: All humans are conditionized by their ancestors,for example a person in China will not act the same as a person in France, and that is because they have different traditions and live in different societies with very unique origins that conform a way of thinking and acting. That's what I want to relate to the photo, that is an ancient castle now in runes, that it is a symbol of our past, and without this past, we would be very different.
Miquel Sirera, 1D